Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Never Mention visitors to click sponsors ad in your blog

What people do is they write on their blog asking the visitors to click their sponsors ads so that they earn money but this is really a wrong way and it has never succeeded because as i have earlier also mentioned that no matter what happens the affiliate program employees keep a check on all the publishers timely and once they found that you are violating the terms and condition by asking or promoting the visitors to click the ads of your site, they will disapprove you and all you money will be lost.

Lemme give you my own example, i had a blog and i was so loyal to it and with affiliate program as well. After my first payment i became greedy and thought to increase my earning faster and i followed many tricks , i even name the ads area as money making area and what the result? After certain period my blog was disapproved by the affiliate program, i was not sad because i lost the account, i was sad because the money i earned because of my hard work and loyalty also drained with the money i earned with will of greed. Now i have realized how wrong i was and moreover why there is a need of this when you can easily earn by proving original contents and with a little patient.


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