Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where to submit your blog?

After creating a blog, it is very essential to submit your blog to search engines so that you blog can be easily located by the searchers though i have already listed many of the search engines names but more you submit to search engines more your blog will be found. So here are some sites which will submit your blog to various engines.

  1. Open site in your Internet browser.
  2. In the "Blog Name" box enter "About Your site"
  3. In the "Blog Home Page" box enter ""
  4. Then in "Common Services" click "Check All" to have all services be selected.
  5. Then click the "Send Pings" button.
  6. Open site in your Internet browser.
  7. In the "Url" box enter ""
  8. Then click the "Start Ping" button.
  9. Open site in your Internet browser.
  10. In the "Blog Name" box enter "About Your site"
  11. In the "Blog URL" box enter ""
  12. Then click "Check All" to have all services be selected.
  13. Then click "I agree with Terms Of Service".
  14. Then click the "Ping MY Blog" button.
  15. Open site in your Internet browser.
  16. In the "Blog / Site Name:" box enter "About George bangr"
  17. In the "Blog / Site URL " box enter ""
  18. Then click "Check All" to have all services be selected.
  19. Then click "I agree to Terms of Service".
  20. Then click the "PING ONLY ONCE" button.
  21. Open site in your Internet browser.
  22. In the "Your blog's address:" box enter ""
  23. Then click the "Submit Blog" button.
  24. Open site in your Internet browser.
  25. In the "Website Name or Title:" box enter "About Your site"
  26. In the "Website Url:" box enter ""
  27. Then enter text in the captcha image in "Enter the Captcha Text" box.
  28. Then click the "Ping My Site" button.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Avoid Traffic exchange program

As a new blogger everybody wants to attain the attention of visitors to their blog in to increase their traffic and that is really a wise step till if the purpose of your blog is to just spread the news but if the purpose of making blog is about earning money means earning money from the affiliate programs then it is  not a wise step, why?
Well it is a nice question, because the traffic exchange programs are banned in most of the affiliate programs. they will never prefer that their publisher is getting traffic either from traffic exchange program or PTC because my dear friends the purpose of them is not to provide the information regarding any content but to earn money and most of the users, well i will say about 99% of the users wants to earn by surfing ads not to find new site or to search regarding anything.
                                            But yes if your blog is not established yet and you are still updating it and working hard on it and has not yet submitted to any of the affiliate programs for earning purpose then you can try it because you never know that your blog contents may match interest of some surfer and he/she become a regular visitor.For promoting your blog, no doubt it is very nice way but remember once you are done with your blog and you have submitted it to the program, withdraw your site from the traffic exchange program.
Else your account will be disapproved .

How to create a blog?

While i was talking to one of my online friend he said i know that you earn from internet and you have told me various ways also but i am still confused and i was shocked, i asked the reason and he said i know about the programs but i don't know where to create blog and at that point i realized many people do not read the whole blog so i made a page name TIPS where you can information regarding minute to minute programs.
      So here we starts with the basic step, How to create a blog?

To do so please follow the following instruction... 

  1. Open site in your Internet browser.
  2. Click the "CREATE A BLOG" button.
  3. On the following page youll be prompted to create a Google Account.
  4. Once youre done with Account, click the "Create a blog" link.
  5. Enter a Title for your blog: "About whatever topic you want to"
  6. Enter Address (URL): "your desired url"
  7. Then type in the verification word and click "CONTINUE".
  8. On the next step choose a template, which you like most.
  9. Then click the "START BLOGGING" button.
  10. Click the "Compose" link to switch to text mode.
  11. In the Title box enter: "About the topic"
  12. Then enter few sentences about the topic and share your reviews and experience.
  13. Your blog is ready, now share your blog with your friends

                    Now you have to choose template, read the intructions of choosing ads in TIPS

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Never Mention visitors to click sponsors ad in your blog

What people do is they write on their blog asking the visitors to click their sponsors ads so that they earn money but this is really a wrong way and it has never succeeded because as i have earlier also mentioned that no matter what happens the affiliate program employees keep a check on all the publishers timely and once they found that you are violating the terms and condition by asking or promoting the visitors to click the ads of your site, they will disapprove you and all you money will be lost.

Lemme give you my own example, i had a blog and i was so loyal to it and with affiliate program as well. After my first payment i became greedy and thought to increase my earning faster and i followed many tricks , i even name the ads area as money making area and what the result? After certain period my blog was disapproved by the affiliate program, i was not sad because i lost the account, i was sad because the money i earned because of my hard work and loyalty also drained with the money i earned with will of greed. Now i have realized how wrong i was and moreover why there is a need of this when you can easily earn by proving original contents and with a little patient.


Never exchange click

Most the tie what new bloggers do they ask others to click the ads of their blog and they do the in the same manner and they think it helps them in increasing money and got exited for few days because the money increases day by and day but after few days later they are sad because their account is deactivated or disapproved because of invalid clicks and they write to the affiliate programs that what was their mistake, they never clicked the ads of their own and then they receive a notice from them that the reason is invalid click.


Well clicking your ads daily or making others to click the ads of your blog daily means the same.
You ask them they come daily and click the ad and their server is captured and when the advertisers
check the sale they got to know that you are cheating and boom your account is deactivated.

So never ever think of this.


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