Google Adsense


Google Adsense is a very effective way for Blog owner or website Owners to earn money online. Instead of searching about various methods to earn online you can use Google Adsense program which is absolutely FREE, no charges and you can earn unlimited here.

To start up Google Adsense you need to first have either a blog or a website [ i suggest not to make blog at WORD-PRESS as it is not compatible with Google Adsense]

To make a blog go to Blogger and make a blog.

Here are some few tips from my side before making a blog:-

Don't copy the contents of other website in order to fill you website as it will be a waste Google will not approve your account.

Write something unique or original.

Once your blog is created publish it and submit your blog to various search engines

Share it on Facebook and notice the traffic daily and once you are satisfied with your site read the terms and conditions of Google Adsense

And then Sign up for Google Adsense


To get approval from Google first your contents should be original and your blog or website should look Google and must have good page view, with good and original content one means it should be useful to the people so that they visit your site again in future too. Give time to your website or blog, i spend 4 months in establishing my blog and then i furnished ma blog and after completion of  6 month i applied for ad-sense and within few days my blog got approval.


See many people are so in hurry to earn that they copy the contents of other sites and publish in their site, they think they are too smart but they are treated as dumb in point view of Google, it is just a waste to copy and illegal too, you are not a criminal, are you?
                                                              So now what to do? This question arises, we have read in many of blogs that write something new but what this the question arises, well see in what thing you are an expert, see what thing in your surrounding is very popular and should be share to the world and make a blog and share it on Facebook, Facebook is very good and proper way to spread your site and it's safe way to attain traffic too.


LACK OF CONTENT :- Some people to get the Google ad sense account after a great hard work but after getting the account they mess up with their blog or website, they put little content their site and whenever someone opens the site there are only ads and nothing else and it is kind of annoying to every visitor who visits your blog or site, remember visitors don't visit your site to click the ads but they visit your site because they are searching something or they want something, your blog is not that special that anyone will come to just click, they are expecting some information in your blog and if your blog if only covered up with ads and no information is provided then it is just a waste because that visitor will not love to visit your site again.
                              Make a good site which should have some quality in it so that visitors get attract by it and visit it again and again for future information and don't just stop updating your blog after getting approval from   Google because Google keeps a check on every of it's site where the ads are displayed because it cares about it's reputation.

FRAUD CLICKS:- Second and the common most reason for the banning of the account is fraud clicks, we become so greedy and impulsive that we want to earn in a second and that's why we make other's to click the ads of our site or click them by ourself, again we must understand that these ads are been displayed by Google but are not property of Google, advertisers have paid money to Google as Google is having a very good and strong goodwill and by any chance Google will not love to lost it, so whenever there are fraud clicks Google examine them and then banned the account.
                                           So, you have to very sure that you will not click ads in your site or will ask anyone to click the ads in your site, begging is banning.

EXPLOITATION OF TERMS:- You must read the terms and conditions of the Google very carefully before getting starting with the Google ads.
                 Main reason is that publishers buy traffic or advertise their site at PTC sites will is against the rules of the Google so read all the terms and conditions carefully to avoid banning of your account.


Here are the tips from the AdSense team:
Now for the tips, which we've divided in two sections - 'Prevention' and 'Monitoring'.
Here are some recommendations for ways to prevent your ads from appearing alongside user-generated content that isn't compliant with our policies:
  1. Publish clear content guidelines and policies that your users will have to accept and adhere to in order to sign up and use your site's services.
  2. If you own a photo or video sharing site where users are permitted to upload adult or other non-compliant content, clearly structure your content to avoid placing your ad code in sections/categories containing this type of content. The same idea could also be easily applied to online stores with adult sections or to classifieds sites which offer adult dating classifieds.
  3. Ask users to tag their inappropriate content (e.g. sexually suggestive pictures or videos) as being non family-safe. This can help you perform human evaluations of potentially inappropriate content for AdSense ads. You can also try installing keyword filters for content related to adult topics, violence, or drugs, for instance. While we're unable to provide you with details about setting up these filters for your site, we recommend searching for terms such as "keyword filtering" or "content filtering" on
  4. Implement spambot protection for your comment forms, forums, and guest books. If you need more information on this topic, try a Google search for "spambot protection".

We suggest these tips to ensure that your existing user-generated content pages remain compliant with our policies:
  1. Set up ways for your community to monitor itself. For example, try adding a "Report inappropriate content" link to your pages, to allow users to flag content for you to review.
  2. Proactively review pages, videos, photos, etc. with high pageviews on a regular basis.
  3. Spot-check content based on keywords, content search, or related user accounts. For example, try entering keywords related to inappropriate content in your own search engine and checking the results. Alternatively, you can search on using the following parameter, replacing '' with your own site's URL and 'keyword' with a specific word or phrase: " keyword".
  4. Create editorial policies and exercise moderator control in your comments, forums, and guestbook sections.
Thanks so much because Google Adsense Team has release these tips for us.