Online Bank

There many online bank in internet market but there are two most trusted bank and many of the sites pay if you are having any of these bank. My recommendation to you is to sign up to both the accounts.

ALERTPAY (recommended)

How they work?

They work same somewhat like regular bank except they do no provide interest on the deposit. You earn money from the program and they transfer the money to your alertpay or paypal account as per your desire.

How to withdraw money from these bank?

You link your bank account or credit card with them and they will transfer money directly to the account provided by you and you recieve the money in 15 to 20 days or even less with a small amount of fees.

Do they issue checks?

Yes they do issue checks.

DO they charge for withdrawal?

Yes there is minimum amount as follow:-   ( N.M means no minimum amount) (M.A minimum amount)
BANK                 15$(N.M)                 Depends upon country ( Minimum amount to withdraw is 10$)    
Check                   4$(N.M)                   0-5$ ( 150$ M.A)  
C.C                       5$                             5$